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Chase Bank
48 Mo New Car
Additional .25% disc available w/auto debit; no fee 
Union Bank & Trust
48 Mo New Car
Avg; range: 3.69-7.40%, additional .25% disc available w/ auto debit; $125 fee 

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Auto Loan Rates

Auto Loan Rates: Get auto loan rates from several different banks and credit unions. You can search and compare the best auto loan rates available using our auto loan rate tables. has car loan rates for new cars and used cars. Loan terms range from 3 years, 4 years and 5 years.

New Auto Loan Rates and Used Auto Loan Rates

Auto loan rates will vary depending on several factors, including your credit score and the type of car loan you need. Used car loan rates tend to be higher than new car loan rates. Bank and credit union auto loan rates tend to be higher for a used auto when buying a car directly from an individual instead of from a dealer. Not all banks and credit unions offer a used auto loan so you’ll have to do some research finding one that does. You can find some of the best auto loan rates from credit unions.

Auto Loan Rates By State

Searching our 4 year new auto loan rates in Los Angeles, California, we found two credit unions have the best auto loan rates. The first credit union is Los Angeles Firemans Credit Union with the lowest rate. Pentagon Federal Credit Union has the seocond lowest rate.

LA Firemans Credit Union is currently offering 4 year new auto loan rates at 1.99 percent. Coming in second place with another increadibly low auto loan rate is Pentagon Federal Credit Union. PenFed’s current 4 year new auto loan interest rate is 2.99 percent.

The third best 4 year year new car loan rate is from another credit union, ChevronTexaco Federal Credit Union. The current car loan interest rate at ChevronTexaco FCU is 3.09 percent. This credit unions loan rate reflects a .50 percent discount for automatic payments from a ChevronTexaco account.

The fourth best car loan rate on our list is from Patelco CU. This credit union’s 4 year 3.15 percent with a 0.10 percent loan discount for automatic payments.

Los Angeles, California Best Auto Loan Rates

Institution Rate Rate Discounts
LA Firemen’s CU 1.99% 0.00%
Pentagon Federal Credit Union 2.99% 0.00%
ChevronTexaco FCU 3.09% 0.50%
Patelco CU 3.15% 0.10%
LA FCU 3.38% 0.38%
Bank of America 3.49% 0.00%
Golden 1 CU 3.74% 0.25%
Contra Costa FCU 3.75% 0.00%
Safe CU 3.95% 0.50%
nuVision Financial CU 4.45% 0.25%
Bank of the West 4.99% 0.25%
California Bank & Trust 5.10% 0.25%
California Credit Union 5.24% 0.50%
Pacific Service CU 5.24% 1.00%
First Bank 5.75% 0.25%
Westamerica Bank 6.54% 0.00%
HSBC 8.99% 2.00%
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February 2nd, 2011
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A credit union tops our list of the best auto insurance rates or a 60 month new auto loan in Pennsylvania.  PenFed is currently offering 5 yearnew auto loan rates at 2.99 percent. That rate and one of the lowest interest rates available these days. If you obtain an auto loan for $40,000 the monthly auto loan payments  would be for a $40,000 loan at 3.39 percent is $718.57.

The second best auto loan rate on our Pennsylvania auto loan rate list is from Bank of America. The rate Bank of America is offering for a  5 year new auto loan is 3.39 percent. That rate is a very good rate especially from a large bank which normally aren’t not know for offering the best rates. The monthly payments for a $40,000 loan at this rate would be $725.70.

Two banks have the third lowest auto loan interest rate on our PA list. PNC Bank and Sovereign Bank are currently offering new 5 year auto loans at is 4.00 percent. You can even get a discount on the loan rate by having your car payments deducted from a PNC Bank checking account. The discount is a decent .50 percent.

Sovereign Bank will also give you a discount. Sovereign Bank’s discount is 0.25 percent if you open a savings account or money market account and have the monthly payment automatically deducted. The 5 year monthly auto loan payments at 4.00 percent would be $736.66.

State of Pennsylvania Auto Loan Interest Rates

  • PenFed 2.99%
  • Bank of America 3.30%
  • PNC 4.00% Rate Discount 0.50%
  • Sovereign Bank Rate Discount 0.25%
  • Dollar Bank 4.74% Rate Discount 0.25%
  • Wilmington Trust 5.60% Rate Discount 0.50%
  • FirstMerit 5.74% Rate Discount 0.25%
  • Wachovia 6.25% Rate Discount 0.25%
  • Fulton Bank 7.49% Rate Discount 0.50%
  • HSBC 8.99% Rate Discount 2.00%

Find the best auto loan interest rates in your state or zip code by search our auto rate tables.

Author: Auto Loan Interest Rates
January 25th, 2011
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